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The DIVERT Story - Part 4 - The DIVERT Dream Team

Can we all agree, DIVERT as a concept is exciting, but how the heck do you pull something like this off? The answer always comes down to the team. Ideas are everywhere, it is only in the execution that success is bred, and we are excited to say, our team is our proudest asset and man oh man do we love to brag about them!


We have gathered an industry leading team of professionals that are armed with the abilities required to execute the DIVERTsessions experience at the highest level. We have hand selected an all-star team to help us see around corners and manage difficult decisions in all critical areas of the business.

In order to understand how we selected the team it is important to have clarity around the task at hand so we can know the critical needs to execute the vision ahead. DIVERT is a visionary, real estate based business with a diverse production, program & operation requirements that is supported by an intentional brand and marketing strategy and is primed for rapid growth and expansion. Sounds exciting, and like a tall order. Is there really a team out there geared up and ready to take on the challenge? At DIVERT, we’re proud to say, we’ve got the best team in the game. Want to meet the legends that make up the DIVERT crew of highly capable misfits?

Our industry leading team is geared up and ready for action. No matter the challenge that is thrown our way, we’ve got a subject matter expert with 15+ years experience that has seen it before and can toe turn us in the right direction.

As a team at DIVERT, and in our own endeavors we have already accomplished a lot! Because we like to brag about our team and we know a proven track record can help instill confidence for future success, here are some hero stats that should help you get a better sense of the team that is steering the ship at DIVERT.


In case you can’t tell, we are proud of our team and our accomplishments. We know that what we have set out to do requires a lot, but that is why we picked out the best in class team to get us there. Everything we are looking to accomplish, our collective team has already accomplished dozens of times before.

For the sake of taking action, we will hop off of our soap box and on to our skate deck. The point of the story is that this team is geared up, and ready to ride to the top of the podium. No matter the challenge, we’ve got an expert who is in the trenches with us and one backing them up to ensure clear headed decision making. Big question is, do you want to join this team? Are you ready to suit up with us and take the ride?


We know we have been sitting at home, sometimes stumped or overwhelmed by how to make a difference and combat the apparent social issues that have been brought forward throughout 2020. So we decided to provide a platform that could be built by the community, for the community. The DIVERTsessions Equity Crowdfund was born in order to give our community an opportunity to go beyond donating to a cause they care about, all the way to owning a part of a company that is on a mission to make a long term difference, financially and socially. If this sounds like a company that you would like to be a part of, have a say in how we do good in our community and be a part of the financial and social success we create together, you can find out more via the link below.


If you really love the cause, and are proud to support it, share our campaign page on your social channels!


"DIVERT is packaging experiences in a new and compelling way like iFly and TopGolf but with more cultural and social impact.”

- Peter Ruppe, Former VP at Nike

“DIVERT is creating a great new experience”

- Joe Pine, Author “The Experience Economy”

"DIVERT has the potential, matching LBE franchises like TopGolf."

- Matt Palmer, Former SVP Marketing at Disney Channel

"Someone is going to build a massive business here and I think DIVERT has the best chance!"

- Ed Wilson, Anthos Capital



Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Founders directly:

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