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The DIVERT Story - Part 1 - How Action Sports Are Taking Over The World

Action Sports are everywhere. And yet, some people are still unsure what they are. Here’s a quick primer:'

  • Action Sports are individual sports like skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding that create vibrant groups and communities.

  • Action Sports teach valuable life lessons such as resilience, creativity, self-motivation, and as we all know, the appetite for calculated risk.

  • Action Sports are surrounded by rich creative lifestyles like music, art and media, which welcome and celebrate a cast of characters well beyond just the athlete.

Action Sports share a lot of the traits that capture the millennial spirit and youth culture like creativity, motivation, resilience and a calculated appetite for risk.

The Action Sports Industry is Growing

Millennials and Gen Zer’s are tuning in and paying up to be a part of the Action Sports Lifestyle, and the numbers are there to back it:

  • 20 Million viewers (source) tuned into the 2019 Summer X-Games, most of which were Millennials and Gen Zer’s.

  • Footwear and apparel brand Vans is estimated to make $12M in revenue in 2020 (source) as youth culture becomes more obsessed with the Action Sports Lifestyle.

  • Supreme, a billion dollar streetwear brand, is actually a skateboard shop.

… and the biggest indicator of their relevance in today’s world? The International Olympic Committee invested millions of dollars in research to determine which sports they should include to engage the younger generations. In case you haven’t heard, the IOC selected skateboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

Yet, out of 52 million people interested in the Action Sports Lifestyle, only ~5% can afford to participate.

While the masses love action sports, many are shut out from participating because the sports are expensive and typically require some degree of travel.

We decided that it isn’t right for so many to be shut out from participating in and receiving the benefits of Action Sports. So we decided to create DIVERTsessions, an Action Sports, education and entertainment venue that dramatically reduces the costs associated with these sports.

It is our mission to change Action Sports forever by making them more accessible so we can serve the ~95% who cannot currently participate.

Want to be a part of the solution with us and our team of industry experts? CLICK HERE to follow, share or contribute to our campaign and secure your spot as we build the future together!

Or check out part two of the DIVERT Story in our next blog post.

No matter what you do, always strive to push yourself and others to, “Achieve Your I’mpossible”.

Yours truly,

David and Zach


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