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The DIVERT Story - Part 3 - The New Home for Action Sports & Social Change

We've been watching and preparing.

As you watch these three market trends (the millennial love for Action Sports, the advancement of Action Sports technology and motivated retail real estate landlords across the country), not so far off in the distance, you can see that at some point they will intersect with one another, you scratch your head and you ask, what happens at the point of convergence? Is it beautiful? Is it messy? Is it somewhere that I would want to be?

The good news is that the industry leading team at DIVERT has seen this intersection coming for over four years and we have been preparing to position ourselves right at the center. We are here to help you see what happens when these three things intersect.

If you ask us, it is an opportunity that will change the lives of countless individuals. It affords us the opportunity to build a rich and vibrant community that emanates opportunity for underserved populations. It enables a platform where nothing is impossible— a place where you realize that obstacles are simply challenges you are enthused to overcome… both in sport and in life.

But we are more than just a heady mission. We have already been hard at work, bringing this place, this project and this opportunity to life.

Welcome to The New Home For Action Sports & Social Change.

DIVERTsessions is an Action Sports and Entertainment venue where anyone and everyone can benefit from the life lessons, community, and positivity of Action Sports and the surrounding lifestyles. The facilities are made up of six critical components: a surf machine, a tech-enhanced skatepark, an infinite ski slope virtual experience, a creative education studio, food and beverage, and one hell of an event venue. Let’s have a look:

Each athletic area comes with a guide to ensure safe and comfortable progression and we supplement the athletic activities with education in videography/photography, art/design, music production and more. So, even if you are not the athlete, there is a place for you to learn and progress at DIVERT.

How You Can Invest in DIVERTsessions.

So why are we telling you about all of this now? What does this have to do with you? Have you ever heard us talk about DIVERT and said to yourself, “Wow, that is a really great idea, it makes all the sense in the world and I would LOVE if a place like that existed.” Did your mind even go one step further and think, “If there was an opportunity, I would love to get involved with something like that.” If you said or felt those things, then that is why we are sending you this message today.

We have had hundreds of friends and colleagues who wanted to show their support for DIVERT, but the amount they could afford felt too little, or the old school process of investing was too hairy and complicated and quite honestly, didn’t make sense for anyone. That was the old way, but new legislation in the JOBS Act has changed all that and now allows anyone to participate in companies they support at an affordable price point.

Here is the short and sweet explanation. Have you ever supported a crowdfunding campaign? You know, the ones where you donate money out of the goodness of your heart to a cause you would like to support.

The JOBS ACT has now made it possible to “Crowdfund for Equity.” So now, you get to invest into causes like DIVERT that you want to support, but instead of simply donating and only getting an emotional return, you get to invest and receive ownership of the company in hopes of gaining a financial return as well. (read more about crowdfunding for equity here).

We have known about crowdfunded equity for about a year now, but wanted to wait until the exact right time in the project process to offer it to our close friends and colleagues and that time and place is right here, right now. Next week, we dive into all the dirty details as to why. See you next week fam!

We know there is a lot of information here. If you are in the slightest bit interested, join one of our live "Investor Presentations and Ask Me Anythings" via THIS LINK.

No matter what you do, always strive to "Achieve Your I'mpossible",

- David and Zach

ps - Want to be a part of the solution with us and our team of industry experts? CLICK HERE to follow, share or contribute to our campaign and secure your spot as we build the future together!


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