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The DIVERT Story - Part 4 - Why We're Ready to "Achieve Our I'mpossible"

DIVERT as a concept is epic, but how the heck do you pull something like this off? And more importantly, who is behind this thing and what have they done to date? These are all the natural next questions that we get and we are excited to say, we’ve got great answers for them.


We have gathered an industry leading team of professionals that are armed with the experience and abilities to execute the DIVERT development at the highest level. Meet the DIVERTfam:


Furthermore, since founding DIVERT, Zach and David have run numerous business experiments to validate different elements of the DIVERT business model:


To test brand resonance and market interest, we created the merchandise and apparel brand DIVERTcollective. Within the first 5 months of launching the brand, we sold over 45,000 units of merchandise and generated over $350,000 in revenue.

Spread the Shred

As an extension of our brand resonance and marketing interest testing, we create the first buy-one, give-one skateboard brand called "Spread the Shred" and were able to donate over 100 skateboards to non-profits across the world.

DIVERT’s Entrepreneurship Program

To test our ability to create engaging and exciting programming, we created DIVERTs Action Sports-themed entrepreneurship program. The program was picked up by Red Bull and became the centerpiece of a social entrepreneurship campaign that ran on hundreds of college campuses nationwide in the Spring of 2017 and ran as an internship program for 2 years at Chapman University. Learn more HERE.

Luzo Skatepark

To demonstrate how Action Sports can transform communities, DIVERT led an initiative to repurpose a distressed park by building a new skatepark in San Jose, Costa Rica. In just 6 months, we were able to arrange over $150,000 in value from donors, service providers and major brands like Red Bull, coordinate international logistics for over 65 volunteer builders, design and construct the skatepark and launch programming that is still in place today. To date, the skatepark has served over 100,000 visits and now acts as a safe community gathering space for people of all ages.


To demonstrate demand for and our ability to operate the full scope of DIVERT’s envisioned programming, with a shoestring budget we worked with Vans and Element Skateboards to produce DIVERTdayz, an Action Sports and lifestyle event that takes guests of all ages through skateboarding, music production, street art, photography and videography workshops. We were able to staff a team of 30 volunteers to run the event for over 160 guests.

DIVERTsessions Development To Date

The DIVERT team has completed all key development activities to get us to the starting line. This includes ideal schematic designs, site specific test-fits, GMAX construction cost estimates, securing debt financing, securing tenant improvement financing, executing lease terms, operations plans, operations SOPs, technology specifications, mobile app prototyping, go-to-marketing plans, food and beverage menu plans, merchandise and apparel plans, and securing of all 3rd party vendors, agencies and partners.

With all of the major project requirements and more completed, we can confidently go and build a DVERT with the financing we have arranged, but we need the final bit of equity to provide a guarantee and a safety net for potential project contingency.

For more info on how to participate in DIVERT’s Equity Crowdfunding, go to

We know there is a lot of information here. If you are in the slightest bit interested, join one of our live "Investor Presentations and Ask Me Anythings" via THIS LINK.

No matter what you do, always strive to "Achieve Your I'mpossible",

- David and Zach

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