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The DIVERT Story - Part 5 - Are YOU Ready to Achieve Your I'mpossible?

Overall, DIVERT’s “saga of serendipity” has created a highly supported, incredibly timely opportunity in which you are now allowed to participate. To summarize a few major points...

  1. The Olympics are driving continued interest in action sports that is supported by new technologies and affordable real estate to make these sports available to the masses.

  2. The DIVERTteam saw this opportunity and have been developing an offering for the last four years to position itself directly at the center of these trends.

  3. The JOBS Act, for the first time in history, has given businesses the opportunity to invite in their community to be a part of their success through crowdfunded equity which means you can now be a part of these budding new business opportunities.

... and now we end up here. With a lot developed and a lot at the starting line ready to take off.

With all these forces lined up, and an opportunity right in front of us, it’s important to dig into the DIVERTsessions project and understand what exactly we plan to build with the financial support provided by our community. Our answer is a very unique one because we will make a commitment to our community. With the money that we raise, we will build a DIVERT venue. The size and scale of the offering, and resulting revenue, will be relative to the amount that we raise through this campaign, coupled with the debt and TA that we will be receiving from our private lender and institutional landlord partners.

The DIVERTsessions model can scale from a pop-up that has a total project cost of ~$1M to a permanent 10,000 SF build for ~$5M, up to a 35,000 SF model for ~$14M and everything in-between.

Basically, we can build this project as big and as bad as our community support allows. The more we raise, the more we are able to create! Rest assured, no matter what we build, it will be an unbelievable experience that will set up ourselves and our investors up for a healthy financial and social return.

The DIVERT offering, regardless of size or scale, will always include critical elements, each which represent a critical revenue stream for DIVERT:

It is important to understand that no matter what we build, the upfront ask, the financial returns and the social impact associated with that project will scale accordingly. To set expectations, below is a projection of the financial and social impacts from a 12,000SF permanent facility:

As you can see, these opportunities represent great potential, both financially and socially. This first facility will be the only time that we will responsibly be able to take in capital from crowdfunded equity. We would love for our community to be an integral part of getting us started and grow along with us. Get in here, and let’s build the future of Action Sports and Entertainment together!

For more info on how to participate in DIVERT’s Equity Crowdfunding, go to

We know there is a lot of information here. If you are in the slightest bit interested, join one of our live "Investor Presentations and Ask Me Anythings" via THIS LINK.

No matter what you do, always strive to "Achieve Your I'mpossible",

- David and Zach

ps - Want to be a part of the solution with us and our team of industry experts? CLICK HERE to follow, share or contribute to our campaign and secure your spot as we build the future together!


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