The DIVERTbrands family is a carefully curated group of experts and thought leaders with outstanding track records across various sectors like experience design, project development, real estate, financing, brand development, sales, marketing, partnerships and more.


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Zach moved from Denver to Keystone, Colorado where action sports like mountain biking and snowboarding transformed him from a troubled youth into a motivated athlete and role model. After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, Zach worked closely with executives from Fortune 500 companies designing products, facilities, and organizations as world-class experiences.

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David grew up in Chicago where action sports kept him away from drugs, gangs and other negative influences. He too attended CU Boulder and was a sponsored skateboarder and snowboarder. After working as an architect for 5-years, David lead successful projects for Fortune 500 companies and helped launch various startups in media, entertainment, technology and Action Sports.

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Executive Chairman

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After opening over 40 locations as former a COO for TopGolf, Zach brings years of development, operations, and real estate experience to DIVERT. Currently Zach is the Managing Director of Entertainment for GameStop, where he the lead stakeholder in

developing their in-house themed entertainment concepts.

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Head of Operations

As former Director of Operations for Universal Orlando, Eric is an accomplished leader, operator and champion of both employee and guest satisfaction with 20+ years of experience. Highlights include instituting a sales program that added $155M in revenue over 5 years, a ticket fraud program that saved $10M annually, opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both 2010 and 2014, and leading a variety of tech, capital, and expense initiatives.

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Head of Sales & Marketing

Matt is an award winning marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in brad, sales, marketing, business development and new venture start-ups within the entertainment, hospitality and attractions industries holding various leadership roles at projects at Disney-MGM Studios, Treasure Island, Typhoon Lagoon,  the Swan and Dolphin Resorts at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Nickelodeon, Blue Man Group, Discovery and more.

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Head of Finance

Steve has been a financial leader for more than 30 years. Before joining Succession Capital Partners in 2016, he was the CFO for Alchemy Global Holdings, a boutique investment bank based in Charleston, SC, focused on the sports and entertainment industries. Years prior, Steve spent five years as a Managing Director at Winston Partners and a Vice President at J.P. Morgan & Company in the Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Group based in Manhattan. 

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