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 Experts are calling DIVERT the next TopGolf 

Don't miss your opportunity to invest in the future of actions sports and location based entertainment.

 Converting Vacant Retail Into   Entertainment Destinations 

DIVERT is taking advantage of the surplus of vacant retail and big box real estate and transforming it into vibrant, location-based entertainment destinations.

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Joe Pine,


"The Experience Economy"

"DIVERT is creating a great new experience."

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Peter Ruppe,

Former VP & GM


"DIVERT is packaging experiences in a new and compelling way like iFly and TopGolf but with more cultural and social impact.

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Matt Palmer,

Former SVP Marketing, Disney Channel

"DIVERT has the potential, matching LBE franchises like Top Golf."

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Ed Wilson


Anthos Capital

"Someone is going to build a massive business here and I think DIVERT has the best chance!"

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